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Born and raised in Flint, Michigan, Daniel's parents immigrated to the US from Italy. It's from these Italian roots Daniel gets not only his artistic talent but also his technical abilities. His mother and uncles are all good artists in their own right. His father is the mechanic, building and fixing just about anything.
Daniel has always had the creative itch. Throughout his school career, he's excelled in the arts having a drawing placed in the top 25 pieces in the State of Michigan traveling exhibit for high school students. His college career would eventually lead him out West to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where he would graduate with a BA degree in Fine Arts.
He would go to work for Natural Wonders Gallery where he met and worked closely with featured photographers Robert Rotella, Art Wolfe and Robert Park. They have been an inspiration to continue the creative process. Daniel would eventually work with Robert Park again where the mentoring would continue.

Las Vegas has been an excellent base for traveling to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. The Southwest has been and will continue to be a focus of his photography.



I pride myself on the ability to handle the process of photography from start to finish. Having worked in every aspect of the fine art photography business, it allows me control of every step of the process: from camera setting to curating.

My goals are to be artistic yet convey truth with my images. I want the subject to inspire the audience and leave a lasting impression: to elicit an emotional response. For me, each image represents moments in time and of journeys traveled, figuratively and literally, to record those moments.
Having been employed by, and produced art for exceptional photographers such as Art Wolfe and Robert Park has been an honor. What I've learned from them has been priceless. Nothing short of perfection is demanded by them. Considering the extraordinary lengths they've gone to capturing their meticulous images, they deserve it.
It's this type of attention to detail and quality that I strive for in my own images. My work ethic has brought me to this point in time: my education, experience and creativity in all facets of the business converge to allow me to present this body of work.

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