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Stories and symbols appear throughout our lives, consciously and subconsciously, in our daily contacts with the human and natural worlds  They speak and inspire us with a sophisticated and universal language - a language that can be rich as well as complex, depending on what life experiences intermingle with our conscious and subconscious selves.  The beauty of the creative mind is that it can uniquely interpret and freely express those personal and universal experiences in art form.

After receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Loyola University in Chicago, Andrew has been working with paint, paper, and found objects to create textural works.  In the 1980’s he received a second degree in the arts: a Bachelor of Music with a major in piano performance.  He continues to work in both artistic mediums.

The visual arts have allowed Andrew to tell his stories in galleries across the United States and Europe... His work appears in private collections as well as in the corporate world.  He has had the honor of being commissioned to do three major public outdoor pieces: one on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, one for the Short North in Ohio, and one for the Wyndham Resort in Florida. To share his stories through texture, color, shape, and symbols is a privilege he loves.  

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